The CustomMSX is a extension board for the Caro's implementation of the OCM for the DE1. This is a re-implementation of an MSX-2 home computer that uses a single FPGA to implement all the electronics (except the RAM) of an MSX-2, including the MSX-MUSIC and SCC+ audio extensions, 4096 Kb of RAM and MegaRAM manager.

The prototype can be used with a standard VGA monitor (or TV) and a PC keyboard. You can use a compatible MSX joysticks. Original MSX cartridges can be inserted, as well as SD cards as an external storage medium. Even though it lacks a 3.5“ disk drive, disks are supported through emulation on a memory card, including support for booting MSX-DOS. Due to its VHDL programmable hardware, it's possible to give the device new hardware extensions by simply running a reconfiguration program under MSX-DOS.

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